My Journey

As therapy or counseling is less a part of the mainstream in Poland, a few words about its roles may be helpful. A good therapist serves not only as a ‘mirror,’ but as a confidante and, at times, advisor. As with all advice, the ultimate choice to accept, believe in and act upon any given advice is up to the client. It might be said that a built-in limitation of the process is that, to an extent, the client’s ability to ‘rise higher,’ or improve his/her life situation depends upon the therapist’s position and experience in such matters. Choosing the best therapist, therefore, is not a task to be taken lightly. There are good plumbers, better plumbers and the best plumber. Similarly, finding the best therapist is a worthy goal.
My 32 years of practicing therapy combined with life experiences certainly qualifying as being “out of the box,” give me the ability to not only relate to my client’s situations, but be aware of choices that provide maximum clarity. It is not a small talent to be able to assess accurately the likely outcomes of various life choices. To then impart this to the client in non-threatening and often inspirational ways can serve to be most valuable. As everyone’s path is unique, it is often a good strategy to come and try a session or two and see for yourself if we ‘resonate.’ Believing what you experience is often a wise dictum to follow.

My Therapy

Individual Psychotherapy

It might be said that all therapy is indeed 'individual,' at least in the sense that ultimate influence and control of behaviour and attitudes is the purview and concern only of the individual.

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Couple Therapy

Though the main keys toward happiness and efficiency lie within the individual, the dynamic that is the couple introduces issues that create different and unique situations (or 'opportunities for growth').

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Family Therapy

The family is a network and just as a radio or tv network needs and thrives on proper communication, so it is with the family. Without it, the family is begging for trouble—sooner or later.

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