Depression in its many forms ranging from clinically severe to mild is what some may label a modern day disease.  This may due to increased leisure time in many societies to advanced diagnostic tools which measure brain chemistry, etc.


As distinguished from moods or mood swings, depression can be not only disruptive to life, but in fact life-threatening.some people seem more inclined to depressive periods and there is data suggesting a genetic component.

Regardless of the causes or reasons, treatment can be remarkably consistent among persons. Treatment can be undertaken in any of the three treatment modalities offered, --individual, couples or family. depending upon the ages of children, the family option may be used least in this instance.

Some describe depression as a persons sending themselves very strong messages that changes are needed in their lives. Consequently, losing interest in usual activities and responsbilities can become a sign that different issues need addressing, i.e., different than the norm.

If looked at in that perspective, it can be seen that one can come out the other end of depression with remarkable insight and self-knowledge that can be used with great success from that point onward.

No7. Depression: Seasons of Light.
We all have moods. Depression, however, is not simply a bad mood. It is real, but not understood by those not inclined in that direction.

Dr. Barry Rathner