I have worked with Barry Rathner since August, 1999 and have been his supervisor since November, 2001.

I can recommend him highly as one who is highly skilled in his chosen area of counseling. His writing skills are especially notable. His compassion and understanding of clients, furthermore, place him in a category worthy of the 95th percentile that he consistently ranked in yearly evaluations at the Jewish Committee for Personal Service (JCPS), a service of Gateways Hospital and Mental Health Center in Los Angeles.

Mr. Rathner combines a dedication to his work with a sense of humor that puts both clients and colleagues at ease while simultaneously providing an air of professional detachment.

In the sometimes intense areas of drug/alcohol addiction counseling, skills such as Mr. Rathner possesses are very valuable. Counselors able to maintain the composure and balance required in jail and prison settings—where most of JCPS’s work is done—are not easy to find.

We are very happy to have found Mr. Rathner and can recommend him without reservation based on his 10 years of service here.

Feel free to contact me by email at: sable519@aol.com or by phone at: 323-851-5355; Mobile: 323-806-0644 for further elucidation if desired.


Judith Sable, LCSW, Director, JCPS


I have been a co-worker of Barry Rathner at the Jewish Committee for Personal Service, a service of Gateways Mental Health Center in Los >> Angeles, since I began my employment there nearly two years ago.

As our jobs consist mostly of counseling inmates at jails and prisons, I was very happy to experience the care and attention to detail that Dr. Rathner demonstrated while training me. The intense atmosphere of places of incarceration creates a situation where the more prepared one is to deal with it, the better.

Dr. Rathner taught me not only how to do my job, but, furthermore, his detachment and sense of humor to this day aids me in finding a balance.I experienced both personally and professionally Dr. Rathner's ability to put people at ease while at the same time extracting important information that helps our clients with their legal, psychological and spiritual problems and concerns.

I would unconditionally recommend him for any position not only in this field, but any other field that involves helping others in need. His high levels of integrity and compassion allow me to make this recommendation without reservation.

If further elaboration is desired, feel free to contact me by email at: >> rb_brown@verizon.net or by phone at 310-857-8809.


Ronald Brown, CTAC

No15. Fire of Love.
This Mandala speaks to me of metamorphosis; look carefully at the small animals.

Dr. Barry Rathner