Physical Health

Counseling & Physical Health

Though some professionals compartmentalize physical and psychological human attributes, a case can be made that many physical ailments have their origin more in the psychological realm.


This does not refer to so-called psychosomatic conditions by which an illness or condition may be ‘imagined,’ but more to stress-induced situations and sometimes cases where one may wish attention, e.g., and thus ‘get sick.’

Self-esteem and self-value/worth issues, certainly relate to how well one takes care of oneself physically, dietary-wise and emotionally. Further, how one views one’s ‘reason for being here,’ impacts many areas of life and can contribute greatly to psychological well-being or lack thereof.

Thus, counseling can and does impact a wide range of psychological, physical and mental states of being.

No8. Physical Health: Freedom Within.
Our bodies are the "temples of our souls." Ignoring or not paying enough attention to our bodies--in preventative or curative modes is a behaviour engaged in literally at our own risk. A stitch in time saves nine....

Dr. Barry Rathner