Counseling Options

Counseling Options

A) In-person sessions:
In Krakow
In Jordanow
At your place of residence:

B) Telephone sessions:

C) Skype sessions:
The advent of video-conferencing combined with the ease and lack of expense of Skype, opens up additional choices for having therapy sessions as well as having 'touch-ups' at times other than scheduled in-person meetings.



One-hour in person sessions: 175 zloties, (44 euros), (39 pounds)

One-hour Skype/phone sessions: 150 zloties (38 euros), (33 pounds)


No13. Counseling Options: Spring.
The empty space in this Mandala may be considered the undeveloped parts of us, waiting to flower as the empty fields blossom at the advent of Spring.

Dr. Barry Rathner