Consulting Areas

Consulting Areas

Though some professionals compartmentalize physical and psychological human attributes, a case can be made that many physical ailments have their origin more in the psychological realm. This does not refer to so-called psychosomatic conditions by which an illness or condition may be 'imagined', but more to stress-induced situations and sometimes cases where one may wish attention, e.g., and thus 'get sick.'


Self-esteem and self-value/worth issues, certainly relate to how well one takes care of oneself physically, dietary-wise and emotionally. Further, how one views one's 'reason for being here', impacts many areas of life and can contribute greatly to psychological well-being or lack thereof.

Thus, counseling can and does impact a wide range of psychological, physical and mental states of being.


Conflict Resolution
"Where there's smoke, there's fire", goes the famous adage. We might adapt it to say, 'Where there are humans, there may be conflicts'.

How intense and how productive or counter-productive conflicts are allowed to become can go a long way towards determining short and long-term successes of businesses, schools, governments, virtually any human endeavor.

Conflicts can become platforms for growth or impediments to progress. that conflicts are inevitable may be true. that they need to be disruptive is not.

Our decades of experience with every conceivable form of organization provides us with the ability to identify, soften and restructure conflicts so that their inevitability becomes a positive.

Supervisor Training
Those persons charged with supervising, mentoring and/or being examples for others bear special responsibilities and pressures.

Along with so-called agonies associated here are potential ecstasies, for not only do supervisors normally have higher incomes, they also get such perks as being their own bosses, scheduling their time as they may wish and having the pleasure of seeing those whom they supervise perform well.

The potential stresses, however, make it helpful to create a category of assistance specially designed for supervisors and bosses because when 'the buck stops here', here can be fraught with bumps and bruises.

But it doesn't have to be that way.  That's where the therapist comes in.

Maximising Sales/Efficiency Training
Besides two common goals of therapy, to help people become healthy and happy, helping people become markedly more efficient in their public and private lives plays an important role as well.

Not that therapy is yoga, or vice versa, but one famous definition of yoga being 'efficiency in action', may be illustrative of some therapeutic goals.

Energy that is wasted or drained can easily cause stress that can be avoided.  As we are all subjected to stress that cannot be avoided, it is helpful, crucial in many cases, to try to lessen stress we can avoid.

Working (and playing) more efficiently and in more balanced ways can provide a millieu that transcends the up and down, often out of control existence many of us have or think and feel we have.

There is control and there is 'perception of control'. the two concepts may be different but both are noble aspirations.

There are simple and sometimes easy tools that help manifest these goals and a therapist trained in aiding clients learn which tools are most appropriate and when to use them, is worth his/her weight in gold.

This discussion applies equally to both 'Maxmization of Sales', and 'Efficiency Training' offerings.

Additional topics, however, apply more to one of these categories than the other.

No9. Consulting Areas: Winter Solstice.

Dr. Barry Rathner