Traditional Addiction rehabilitation and/or counseling focuses on addictions/strong attachments to mind-altering substances and other behaviors which have direct potential to make one’s life unmanageable, such as overindulgence in food, sex, etc.



However, a strong case may be made that if we expand the category of life-disturbing attributes to such as jealousy, anger, attachment, greed, and pride, we can assume that ALL HUMANS ARE ADDICTS.

If we accept this hypothesis, then we can assume that all of us can benefit from interventions designed to ameliorate addictive-type behaviors.

As nearly all behavior is a function of the mind--the thinking, willing and feeling mechanism--tools that help us ‘train our minds’ are especially valuable here. These include meditation, relaxation, cognitive behavioral therapy and the like.

Our experience also is that combining attendance at 12-Step Programmes of Alcoholics Anonymous with counseling, hastens the recovery/improvement of many behaviors and attitudes. This refers, of course, above all to those currently dealing with a substance abuse situation—especially those wishing to modify this behaviour.


No6. The Dance.
The altered states of consciousness so often strived for by those using mind-altering substances here are represented by the sleep and waking states in The Dance.

Dr. Barry Rathner